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Stacy and Maria went out to buy a bunch of their favorite magazines. Their friend Marco was already inside, waiting for them to come home. As they head upstairs to go put their magazines away, Marco accidentally runs into them, causing all the magazines to fall on the floor. “You are such a klutz!” yells Maria. “We`ll teach you to be more careful” demands Stacy. Marco`s now worried, wondering what horrible things they`ll do to him. They take off all of his clothes before he could even fight back, and then tied him up against the stairwell. To stop him from screaming, they gag him with one of his socks. Maria then takes a cup of very cold water and splashes his torso, then places the empty cup on his growing cock. Stacy unties him and forces him to sit in a bucket, while they find objects to smack him with. The girls smack him hard repeatedly, causing him to grow extremely red and sore. Maria hands him a pot to put on his head, making him feel absolutely silly and stupid. Despite all the humiliation though, he can`t help but find himself turned on. As Maria continues to hit him, he starts stroking his now very hard cock. It isn`t before long until he cums, having an amazing orgasm despite the amount of pain he`s in. But the girls don`t let him get off that easy! They make sure before he puts his clothes back on to pick up all the magazines.
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