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Femdom Wife Husband Castration Stories – Lady with wax tramples guys

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

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027uvn Femdom Wife Husband Castration Stories   Lady with wax tramples guys
This chubby mistress in sexy black stockings, panties and high heeled shoes is able to handle with two disobedient slaves at the same moment because she has a great collection of big and small candles that she enlightens any time those convulsing worms try not to fulfill her kinky orders!
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Sissy Husband Strapon – Two femdoms punish crossdresser and gimp whores

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

A beautiful babe with a naughty look in her eyes steps into her strapon cock and pulls it up her legs. She pulls the straps tight and suddenly she s just like a man with a big dick protruding from her pelvis. She has a man bent over and ready to get fucked and his asshole is going to be her playground for as long as she wants. She s going to bang him furiously, pumping her big dick into his behind until he screams for mercy. Even then she s not going to stop because nothing makes her happier than fucking a man while he screams in pain. That s what Strapon Fiesta is. There s no question that if you re into female on male strapon sex that Strapon Fiesta is the place for you. Most sites show a guy and a girl getting it on but here the guys are merely the entertainment at a party with five chicks all wearing big cocks and eager to fuck. His asshole is lubed and his cheeks spread wide so the ladies can fit their big dicks inside him and pound him hard. 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Some of the girls get pretty rough, fucking their rubber cock slut with great power and anger.

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I just love group play! There’s something extra nasty about banging sissy boys and transvestite wenchs with my uber hot, Domme friends. I think it has to do with sharing a sweet piece of tgirl meat, knowing that as I shove my strapon cock down a sissy’s throat, there’s another plastic appendage violating my fuck whores from behind. It’s a heady feeling, really, and it makes my big strap-on throb and leak with hunger.

This time we’re topping a cute little couple with a craving for plastic shaft. She’s a tgirl tease who loves to suck and shag…the kind of tgirl who begs and whimpers as I slap her face with my big, plastic shaft. Her boyfriend loves to be humiliated, and I tease him as we use his lover in the nastiest and dirtiest ways.

“Do you like watching your transvestite girlfriend being used by two hot and powerful women?” He’s so stunned and powerless that he can’t even make out words. But as I grab his cock in one hand, and force his sissy lover’s mouth down onto it with the other, I can feel him tense up.

“That’s it, baby,” I tell her, as she starts to gulp down the onslaught of fresh cream. “Suck my cock, you tranny slut.”

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Wife Trampling Husband – In Femdom

Friday, November 5th, 2010

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The Best Site: Men In Pain

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In Femdom

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Cuckold Husband Slave For The Family Stories – Torture Lovers

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

This is the first Syren Productions video of Mistress Mina from Las Vegas. This petite sadistic diva starts off with her slave giving oral service to her stiletto heels as she paddles his ass with a huge leather paddle.
She then secures slave Michael to her bondage bed and puts at least twenty clothespins on his cock and balls, causing him extreme pain. Mistress Mina continually slaps his face and smothers him while pulling off the clothespins.
She then puts him in a stand up cage and slaps his face repeatedly even harder and puts some vicious scratch marks on his chest with her nails. Mistress Mina finishes the discipline with a caning with her slave bent over the horse.

01 Cuckold Husband Slave For The Family Stories   Torture Lovers

02 Cuckold Husband Slave For The Family Stories   Torture Lovers

03 Cuckold Husband Slave For The Family Stories   Torture Lovers

04 Cuckold Husband Slave For The Family Stories   Torture Lovers

Click here for more videos and photos from this update!

194590ab8866 Cuckold Husband Slave For The Family Stories   Torture Lovers

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